Marketing for financial advisors in 2023

What will marketing look like for financial advisors in 2023?

With the festive season and the New Year fast approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to talk about your marketing plan for 2023. Here, we discuss what will marketing look like for financial advisors in 2023?

Helpful content is going to be key

In August 2022, Google launched its helpful content update. So, what does this mean for your marketing content in 2023?

Google’s latest change says that publishers who create ‘more original, helpful content written by people, for people’ will perform better in search results.

How can financial advisors create helpful content?

  • create content that demonstrates your expertise
  • do your best to address the needs and pain points of the reader
  • make sure any content that you create is useful

Prioritise Personalisation

2023 is the time to take personalisation to the next level. But how?

Powerful personalisation goes beyond adding a recipient’s name to a subject line. Advisors should focus on sending communications at different times, depending on when clients and prospects usually interact with you.

It’s time to think about Tik-Tok

Sharing content on TikTok is likely to be fairly new to most financial advisors. But in 2023, it’s something that can’t be avoided for much longer.

But how can you get noticed?

  • prioritise engagement – think about how you can encourage people to replay, follow, or comment, as TikTok posts with more engagement rank better
  • put time into titles and hashtags – the platform shows people videos based on their interests, so targeted titles and tags can put your posts in front of the right people

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