Why content marketing is important for Financial Advisors

While some may see it as a ‘buzzword’, content marketing is still king, especially within the relm of financial services. In this post, I look at ‘Why content marketing is important for Financial Advisors’.

Keep in touch with your clients

Content marketing gives you a voice within the marketplace, amongst that of your competitiors. The content that you put out there provides a point of differentiation, which in turn can help you to gain competitive advantage. I’ve talked in previous posts about how fiercely competitive the market you operate within is, so this is crucial.

Content marketing as a lead generator

Via content marketing, Financial Advisors can attract, maintain, nurture and convert leads. Through aligning your content with your prospective and existing client base, you can attract, maintain, nurture and convert those that are most likely to want to employ your services and expertise.

What types of content should Financial Advisors be creating?

There are lots of different types of content Financial Advisors can create. Guides are a great way of generating leads. Factsheets help to engage with clients, and video marketing is perfect for social media integration.

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