Why every Financial Advisor needs a website

Did you know that according to Google, 87% of people look online first when researching a product or service? Having a website has never been more important. In this post, I look at why every Financial Advisor needs a website.

  1. It will improve your credibility

If a prospect googles you and nothing comes up, what happens? Your credibility is immediately questioned. If you can’t be found online, it’s almost as if you don’t even exist. Your website is an opportunity to tell visitors why they should trust you and if you have testimonials from clients to back you up, even better.

2. Provide valuable content to clients and prospects

Establishing yourself as a thought leader is a great way to gain trust from new prospects and allow them to learn from you. Your website acts as an educational resource and hub for financial calculators, tools and educational articles for clients and prospects. As a financial advisor, it’s important to educate clients and prospects so they can make the best decisions for their financial future. What better way to show off your knowledge? Be a resource for your clients and prospects… I can assure you it will help grow your business.

3. An opportunity to convert visitors to prospects

By having downloadable items such as eBooks, whitepapers and checklists, you will start converting visitors to prospects directly from your website. You will be a continuous resource for your clients and prospects, which will increase traffic to your site.

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