Why Financial Advisors need to ramp up their social media efforts

It’s never been more crucial for Financial Advisors to ‘go digital’ and that includes social media. Social media is proving the opportunity to change the nature of client relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we look at why Financial Advisors need to ramp up their social media efforts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, financial advisors who used social media for business found they had a great success rate initiating new relationships or onboarding new clients. Now it’s no longer feasible for advisors to hold in-person meetings due to social distancing and lockdowns, social media has provided an excellet way to engage with clients and prospects.

Advisors active use of social media during the pandemic has been critical to their success, not only in communicating with prospects and referrals, but also in advancing their ongoing relationships with clients.

In some ways, the pandemic has been somewhat of an awakening for advisors. It’s forced some to reconsider how the engage with clients and adapt to new ways of working, with many who we have spoken to saying they plan on keeping the changes they have made in place post-pandemic.

How are advisors using social media?

The vast majority of Financial Advisors are using the messaging capabilities within the platforms, and those who do are gaining assets.

What platforms are they using?

Although LinkedIn is advisors’ preferred network, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also popular.

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