Why Financial Advisors should consider vlogging

“Vlogging” gives financial advisors the ability to share information in a more personal and engaging way.  In this post, we look at why financial advisors should consider vlogging.

Video blogging – vlogging

Digital marketing has become essential to connecting with clients and prospects, and video blogging, or “vlogging” gives financial advisors the ability to share information in a more personal and engaging way.

But before you invest time and effort into launching a vlog, take a moment to consider your strategy.

To get started, here are the 5 W’s you should consider when creating a vlog of your own to connect with your target audience and become a thought leader in your industry:


It is important to consider who your target audience will be when deciding the content of your vlog. By reviewing the different demographics of your clients, you can pinpoint what kind of content they would enjoy. Take a look at what topics or interests you share with your clients to create a fun, relatable vlog, or consider creating a vlog highlighting your practice to share with new potential clients.


You may ask, what does a vlog look like? Filming and producing a video can seem complicated but there are a few components that can streamline the process. Before filming, plan whether you will sit down and speak to the camera or shoot from different locations with a more casual style. Additionally, consider keeping your vlog to about 2–3 minutes long to avoid information overload.

You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment when getting started. A simple tripod with a ring light and your smartphone is all you need!


It’s recommended you publish your blog in the middle of the day. This allows your audience to view the material and provide feedback within the same day. If your content provides information about an upcoming event, be sure to post it in enough time for your clients and prospects to prepare.


Social media is a natural platform for publishing your vlog. For starters, these platforms come at no cost, and there is a good chance your clients are checking them regularly.


Think about why you are creating a vlog; to share a life update, to post about an upcoming event or holiday, or to share market information. There are numerous reasons for creating a vlog but being able to pinpoint your overall purpose will allow for clear and concise communication. And always keep your target audience in mind. What will they find most valuable or engaging based on their needs and interests? Remember, the ultimate goals are to generate top-of-mind awareness and build relationships at scale.

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