Why Financial Advisors should use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels provide Financial Advisors with an opportunity to demonstrate who they are in a fun, easy-to-digest way and are a great way to boost your presence on social media. Here, I discuss why Financial Advisors should use Instagram Reels.

What is a reel?

An Instagram Reel video that can be up to 90 seconds in length. Creators can use a variety of in-suite editing tools (including filters, captions, stickers, backgrounds, etc) as well as a library of audio tracks.

Reels differ from Stories as they don’t disappear after 24 hours. Once a Reel is posted, it’s available until the creator deletes it. 

What are the benefits of reels?

  • The accelerate engagement 
  • Build trust with consumers
  • Create storytelling opportunities
  • Demonstrate brand character
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Reach new audiences
  • Unlock opportunities to diversify content

The Reels function is another example of how keeping up-to-date with trends in the social media sphere can be highly beneficial to a marketing strategy. The format of Reels is similar to the format of TikTok, where catchy, short-form videos have garnered more than 600 million users worldwide. TikTok drew the attention of many Instagram users, and as a result, Instagram decided to introduce their own version of short-form, vertical video: Reels.

Short and engaging videos are at the center of social media right now. They are what consumers are looking for and responding the most to. They are a tool that every Financial Advisor can use to help diversify their content, reach new audiences, and boost their engagement.

I hope that you have found this post on Why Financial Advisors should use Instagram Reels useful.

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