Why Retargeting Can Help Lead Customers Back to Your Business

When it comes to online marketing, there are more methods of trying to tempt customers to your brand than many businesses have the time to consider. When it’s time to try and bring old customers or those who have browsed and backed out to return, this can seem even more complicated and confusing.

And that’s because retargeting is indeed a complicated process, but it’s also one that can be very effective at bringing back quality, motivated leads. If you’ve ever been surfing the web and found yourself looking at an ad that’s very similar to a product you viewed recently or liked on social media, then you already know what retargeting is.

A Brief Explanation

By now most people are familiar with cookies. They’re stored in your browser and help websites retain data about who you are and the last time you visited.

In retargeting, you need to insert a line of code into your website and this, in turn, enables your site to place cookies into the browser of anyone who visits. So, when this person visits another site, and there’s some vacant ad real estate there, this cookie displays one of your ads. And, thus, the one-time visiter remembers the great products and services you provided.

Why Retargeting Works

The fact is that most visitors to your site won’t buy something on their first visit. People have more choice now than ever before, and consumers like to exercise this choice by looking at all available options.

But they did visit your site – and that’s important. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t visit and so focusing on bringing back these one-time visitors is what retargeting is all about. The process reminds them of your brand and products in the short-term, yes, but it also creates a deeper awareness of the brand. Even if they don’t go straight to your site and convert, you are part of their awareness now, and chances are they will go with the familiar choice when they do want to convert.

Best Practice

The reason many businesses don’t use retargeting is that they’re afraid of appearing as too pushy and alienating potential customers.

The ideal way to go about retargeting is to push ads to a customer 15-20 times per month and no more. They don’t want to see ads for your products every time they visit a site, but you need to keep your brand in their line of vision. You can also add a line of code to your checkout page to ensure that the customer isn’t shown ads after they’ve converted – which means you don’t harass them and you save money by limiting ads to customers who have already bought what you have to offer.

Ultimately, remarketing is a complex practice but one that’s more than worth the effort. To get it just right, you could consider using a professional service like L2W Digital to manage the process.

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