Why We Love Hooks (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Hooks (And You Should Too!)

After a recent evening out with a client, I got thinking about hooks and offers, and how they can attract a target market to a business. I have an example to run through with you that captured the importance of getting this right in your marketing.

Capturing Your Target Market’s Attention

My client and I were talking about what's going to bring people to your business. To get you thinking about this, I will show you a couple of products to see what you think. Which of these products is most likely going to get your attention and transact with me?


If you're hungry the banana maybe more appealing. As you can see here, these are two different lead magnets, a gold Rolex watch and a banana. They are both at different ends of the scale. One's at the higher end and one at the lower end. There’s one that has a perceived value is going to demonstrate status. It's definitely worth a lot of money, whereas the other is just a banana.

Wow Your Prospect

For your business ask yourself, what could you giveaway that has got a perceived value, within cost? What is going to wow your prospect or allow them to solve a problem quickly and make a difference? This is a great way to get people in and start building a relationship as well.

Giveaway to the Right People Only

Note though, that you will need to take care with the type of lead magnets you giveaway. If you were to give a gold watch to anyone you may find that they are not the right customer for your business. You will need to ensure that your lead magnets are marketed at your target customer and that person is not just with you for the freebie. To prevent this, you can put in the condition that the lead magnet is available once they've transacted with you, especially if it's of a certain value.

If it's a free lead magnet, that's different. In the online World, we tend to see people giving away content, videos, even books for free.

Add Value With Your Lead Magnet

Think about your lead magnet and what's going to add value to your target market. Now, your banana could work. If you're targeting someone who wants to get fit, or someone you wants to eat a healthy snack, I could give them a banana there and there’s a good chance they will take it from me. It’s important that you don't underestimate the lead magnet you're proposing to giveaway.

The reason I was talking with the client last night is because we were out for a few drinks in central Manchester. We actually went to a place where they did 10p chicken wings. You could buy either a single chicken wing or as many as you like for 10p each. The only catch was that you had to buy a drink with it, which was at normal price.

This place could have charged a premium. But, what this did is brought people in. Now, there's a good chance that they probably made a loss on the chicken wings or even just broke-even but what's happened is that this offer got people talking about their business. Initially this offer was only available on Wednesdays. Then they rolled it out everyday because of the success of the campaign.

Attracting Your Ideal Customer

What could you do using that as an example? I'm not saying to give chicken wings away to your customers. Have a think about what you could do that's different to get attention or people through the door when it's quiet or you just want to move things up a bit.

Let me know below what you've done for your lead magnet, I'd be keen to see what's worked for you. Leave your example in the comments below.

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