Why webinar marketing is important for Financial Advisors

Why webinar marketing is important for Financial Advisors

Webinars offer a unique opportunity for any advisor to take their marketing to the next level. In this post, I look at why webinar marketing is important for Financial Advisors.

Low cost and convenient

With minimal time, effort and costs, advisors can present to dozens or even hundreds of prospects at a time without having to rent a hotel meeting room. Perhaps the biggest advantage of webinars over seminars is you can conduct them from just about anywhere.

What are the main benefits of webinars for financial advisors?

#1. Increase your visibility as an authority on a specific subject matter.

Webinars provide a professional and widely accepted platform to demonstrate your expertise. In the digital age, investors are spending more time on the internet looking for information and advice. Webinars are not only a valuable source of information, but they also demonstrate you are tech-savvy, which is appealing to many investors.

#2. Attract larger audiences.

Webinars are more widely attended than live seminars because people can view them from the comfort of their home or office. The challenge with seminar marketing has always been filling seats. Many people interested in the subject matter find any number of reasons not to leave their home or office to attend. Now, Covid19 is the only reason they need.

#3. Scale your efforts and expand your reach.

With webinars, you can scale your efforts and expand your reach. The content you create for webinars can be repurposed in many formats—as a download from your website, an email newsletter, as a replay on social media. The most popular downloads from advisors’ websites are free webinar replays and eBooks.

#4. Find better-qualified leads.

People are willing to exchange their contact information for a free webinar they feel will benefit them. That’s the golden ticket every advisor looks for—a new lead with contact information to put in their funnel. And, because they are attracted to the subject matter, you know something about their needs and interests.

#5. Easy setup.

Setup is all digital, which means no traveling to a location, arranging the room, setting up a projector, and feeding attendees. Most advisors already have the necessary equipment to conduct a webinar—a computer with two screens, an external microphone, PowerPoint, and a strong internet connection.

#6. Increase your ROI on marketing investment

It’s conceivable that you don’t have to spend anything to conduct a webinar, except that it is a waste of your time without attendees. For a minimal monthly budget invested in digital marketing, you can produce a constant stream of attendees. With one new account, your ROI can far exceed what you could earn from a seminar. Even better, once you set up your webinar structure, it’s easy to repeat the process, thereby lowering your costs as you go.

#7. Educate your clients

Clients feel more empowered when they get the information they need. Advisors who use webinars to educate their clients to build stronger bonds and, in many cases, attract additional assets.

As with any new marketing tool, there is a learning curve to understand the medium, and it still requires crafting compelling content presented in a way to optimize the experience for attendees. But, with a little effort and minimal costs, the advantages of webinars far outweigh any disadvantages you might think of.

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